Nature in details - Fine jewellery-

forest spirit fine rings.jpg

The ‘Nature in details’ collection embodies natural details, such as twigs and leaves. These more fine-jewellery pieces remain contemporary through their design whilst being made intentionally by traditional techniques.

A few examples of these are the Detachable Leaves earrings and the StoneAndLeaves ring. The former allows movement, as if dancing with the wearer, whilst the latter has an unconventional way of setting the stone. One is made of four detachable leaves hanging from a green topaz whilst the other is worn on the hand instead of the finger.

These contrasts offer different perspectives expressing playful and tangible reminders of our world’s primary beauty, which the viewer gets to wear and share.
Overall, Forest Spirits remain a hopeful gesture regarding both sustainability and humanity’s harmony with one another.

topaz and gold earrings worn.jpg
forest spirit fine worn.jpg
leaves earrings worn.jpg
leaves and stone silver earrings
twig and leaves hoops silver