Photo credit:  Emmanuelle Stauble

Photo credit: Emmanuelle Stauble

Coline Assade is a jewellery designer born in France who currently lives and works in London.

Coline first studied graphic design and fine arts in Belgium and France. Those two formations taught her how to work with colours, how to create a story or convey a message with a project and to be experimental with materials. This is also when she learned different drawing techniques and to express herself through this medium. All those elements are still an important part of her creative process.

Coline then travelled to London to study at Central Saint Martins in the jewellery design department. She graduated with a Ba in 2016 and received the best use of pearls in a collection from the Winterson company. Soon after, she entered Sarabande, The Lee Alexander McQueen foundation, as a designer in residence.

A piece of jewellery is a powerful, intimate and almost magical object. Coline aims to create playful jewellery to empower and help women to feel more free with their identity. The purpose of her work is not to create more rules or tell people what to do but try to make them challenge their choices with humour and hopefully help them to become more playful with jewellery.

Coline plays with traditional jewellery techniques, such as wax carving and enamelling and precious materials like silver and gemstones to convey her message. Creating contemporary pieces using traditional crafts is part of her objective. 

CV available upon request.