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Coline \kɔ.lin\

Motto : if you’re a circle don’t try to be a square.

Story telling handmade pieces, both playful and unconventional, traditional yet contemporary, made with love, perfectionism and too much coffee.

Ranging from existential questions to friends for your fingers (#forestspirits) or feminity in 2018. Also, why is everyone obsessed with perfectly round pearls ?!


Dear you, yes you.

Photo credit:  Emmanuelle Stauble

Photo credit: Emmanuelle Stauble

Who am I you ask? I like to think of myself as a 21st century east London Jewellery Designer, transforming matter into what you’d wish you were wearing ! 

I graduated from Central Saint Martins and am also a Sarabande, The Lee Alexander McQueen foundation alumni.

Being both French and Egyptian, coming from a tiny town, living in a giant city, being mesmerised by nature but fascinated by the (odd and sometimes craaaaazy) everyday human behaviour creates the most eclectic mix of contrasts that serves as the greatest inspiration for my work. 

No wonder I come up with forest spirits to protect and empower your bodies, or start questioning traditional views of femininity and gender. My work is here to look at all the angles of beauty and life and looks great with a perfecto jacket !