Forest spirit

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Forest Spirits really began in a spontaneous manner in response to the past year’s events. The idea was to find innovative ways that would remind people of tiny little details that are usually forgotten in the daily life, which are in reality quite simply, beautiful. This is expressed through two distinctive manners in the collection. On one hand, there are the wood creatures that act as talismans and on the other can be found mementos regarding visual expressions of nature. The entirety of the pieces was created in London, where Coline is a designer in residence at Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation. Recently, the collection was showcased for the first time at JCK Las Vegas.

Have you ever wondered how jewellery protects you? Coline and her amulets have. The idea behind these forest characters was to visually and playfully shape little spirits that would come under the form of masks and imaginary creatures. These sculpture- like compositions started off as wax hand carvings and real-life impressions from the city and its organic surroundings. Once formed, they would act as friends for your fingers that would be protective companions, if you allow them to be. Their power, neither considered good nor bad, is meant to bring emotional comfort to the wearer, just like a protective armour would shield an ancient warrior.

Furthermore, colours are always an important part of Coline’s work. This can be seen through her use of vitreous enamel such as the three blue-eyed face EyeSeeYou and vibrant stones like on knockonwood pendant featuring a green topaz, helping them come alive. Another amulet that stands out is a wood creature wrapped around your finger called DontBeGreedy. The silver creature holds a blue topaz in its mouth, clearly keeping it for itself, intentionally emphasizing the essential need to share this planet’s richness.

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